Crash diets, rebound weight gain and bariatric surgery


Over the last few years, Australia, New Zealand and the United States have been fighting it out in the media for the title of ‘The Fattest Nation in The World’. Around one quarter of all Australians and New Zealanders are obese, and over 60% of adults are overweight. No longer can we presume the stereotypical active, outdoor lifestyle and tables laden with healthy fresh produce is the norm for most of the population – instead, a serious overweight and obesity crisis has taken hold. Not just a cosmetic issue, obesity is a fundamental driver of some of the most significant health burdens our patients face, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, osteoarthritis and dementia. As a health conscious citizen you need the skills, tools and the confidence to address this fundamental healthcare challenge.


Despite the huge profile and public spending in the weight loss industry, weight loss attempts are fraught by failure. Over a two year period, 95% of people that adopt a weight loss diet will regain the weight they have lost. These failed attempts both deplete patient’s motivation, as well as their metabolism, and create a vicious cycle of crash diets and increasing rebound weight gain. A key reason why all of these strategies fail is that they rely on the willpower of the patient following the chosen diet. In an environment with an overabundance of calorie-dense, highly palatable foods, combined with ever-reducing needs for physical exertion, many people are unable to control their appetite to sufficient levels. One of the most successful weight loss strategies has been bariatric surgery, which is an extreme method for reducing appetite and calorie intake. Hence, natural strategies that focus on the emerging science of neuro-enteral signaling pathways which reduce appetite and calorie intake without the feeling of deprivation are a key clinical strategy that can improve success rates substantially.

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