Coping with Change

As a human being, you probably enjoy a bit of stability and routine in your life. After all, the need for regularity and stasis forms an important part of physical health as well as material wellbeing. You have the need for regular food, for regular shelter, for a regular intake of fluids and exercise.

If you have a child, you will definitely know how important it is to maintain a degree of daily routine and regularity. These form the true platform from which a child can jump on into life and develop themselves.

Too often, as a natural health practitioner, I see the effects of long term poor routines. A poor diet, not enough exercise, some fairly ingrained regular habits and patterns that undermine an individual’s ability to thrive.

This is when change is really needed.

This is when change is also really difficult.

Getting Support from a Naturopath

Making changes on your own can be a daunting task. To make the process easier, you can

  • Contact a naturopath and get some support
  • Write down the health issues you want to address
  • Write a list of the changes you want to make to diet, exercise, vitamins
  • Consider some alternative modalities such as TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) which can help to unblock your body and get your flow happening
  • Ask your practitioner about other natural remedies that can help you to address meaningful change in your life

Face the Fear and Do it Anyway

The Livingorsurviving website says that there are ‘two lives for all of us…the life we live and the “unlived” life within us.’[1]

One of the great blocks to change is fear. And many of you may believe that you need to confront the fear before you take the action to transform those areas of your life that are counter-productive or obsolete.

But the truth is…the fear will be there. It needs to be accepted and approached as a friend and motivator. It will not necessarily go away. But it can be used to serve you on your journey.

Think about it.

For example, you may eat too much take-away food. It is an old, habitual pattern. So, on your way home from work you stop in and buy take away food a few nights a week because it is an easy alternative to cooking a healthy dinner.

But when you make the change to stop, fear comes in. Fear occurs when you try something new – even something as simple as changing eating patterns.

Feel the fear. Do it anyway.

Notice what occurs in your body. Think about it. Articulate it. But keep stepping forward with the new approach.

Step by step you can change and live a more fulfilling life. You can optimise your natural health by making just a few tiny little changes.

So, make a change today – just start with one. Build on it. Grow. Change. Develop.

And live a better life.