Cool, Calm and Hopefully Collected

Yet again it’s time to focus on the Big S.


When you are a naturopath with a large base of returning patients, you often get to see certain seasonal emotional patterns in people. I notice certain waves of behavior and changes in mood at particular times of the year and at these times it’s my vocation and duty to reiterate the fundamentals of good health to people.

Right now, we are moving into the winter cold and towards the end of the financial year. For those patients who run small businesses this can be a stressful time. The onset of slightly colder weather coupled with the need to fix and finalise certain financial business matters for the year can leave them stressed and tired.

A change to winter can often mean a cessation of fresh juicing and a neglect of aerobic and cardiovascular activity. There is also a distinct need for warmer, fatty foods which is part and parcel of our animal makeup, and so people tend to increase in weight and become a little more sedentary.

It’s all fine if you are still living in a cave.

But in the modern western world the pressures remain and while the body and exercise might slow down, the real world responsibilities do not.

The result?

Early winter stress!

So what can you do?

My number one advice is to push yourself to keep up an active cardiovascular programme. Remember that anxiety, stress and depression are all warded off by exercise.

Continue with a high intake of fresh foods. Even though you are a little colder you still need to eat well. A salad does not have to be cold. Make a warm salad for dinner full of nutrients and vitamins and minerals. Some suggestions are

  • Hot potato salad
  • Hot bean salad
  • Warm carrot salad with sesame seeds and vinaigrette dressing

There is also the staple winter soup and baked or roasted vegetables with lean red or white meats.

These are health options that feed the body, mind and spirit and interrupt the loss of healthy patterns that combat stress, as the seasons change.

Don’t forget there is a host of herbs and supplements available to help you manage your stress levels. These are available on the new A Natural Self online shop.

Stress can be managed easily and simply.

If you need more information come into the clinic and arrange for more detailed and specific advice about natural remedies and natural health products from out naturopathy team.