Coenzyme Q10 to treat the management of migraine headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, male infertility, gum disease, and tinnitus

As well as the applications discussed here, scientific research shows CoQ10 may also be useful in the management of migraine headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, male infertility, gum disease, and tinnitus, as well as to improve athletic performance and endurance. Due to its broad range of applications, this diverse nutrient should be a vital component of any nutritional dispensary.

Are we not all victims of fatigue/ As we age and the wear and tear of life seems to be harder and harder to bounce back from. A regular dose of 150mg of COQ10 will put the bounce back in your stride. Be careful though, it’s known for its ability to assist the maturation of the ovum and improve the fertility of the sperm count!

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