Chronic disease on the rise. Worrying Stats for cardiovascular disease. Natural health programs of dietary and lifestyle changes to improve causes and symptoms

Chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, account for approximately 90% of all deaths in Australia despite the fact that they are largely preventable through dietary and lifestyle modification.

The proportion of our population that is aged over 65 years is predicted to triple in certain areas of Australia by 2051.2 This is particularly alarming given that chronic disease rates are greater with increasing age. For example, the incidence of coronary heart disease in people aged 75 to 90 years is estimated to be 18 times greater than those aged 40 to 54 years.

In 2006 to 2007, the Australian government’s budget allocation for chronic disease prevention was only 1.9%, 4 which shows that there is still not enough emphasis being placed on preventative healthcare measures in our modern society.

Naturopathy considers cardiovascular disease to be an inflammatory issue. The natural supplements used therefore, are to bring down these inflammatory markers. Testing through Live blood analysis can show this need for anti-inflammatory supplements. Our naturopath can tackle the long term problems, or our web site can allow you to purchase natural products as retail gift kits, for the immediate help for your symptoms.


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