Christmas Ideas That Are Good for You

It’s December and in the lead up to Christmas You will be offered information on health conscious gift ideas, natural remedies that can be added to those Christmas Gift Boxes, as well as a host of information on how to stay healthy and fit over the festive season. So, today is the first in our Christmas lead up articles that can help you have a happier, healthier and more meaningful holiday season.

Natural Health and Christmas

Most people tend to think of the Christmas period as a time of joy, little family antics, gift giving and gastronomical excess! It’s a time of vacationing and holidaying. A time of fun and gratitude as well as a time when the average person’s health tends to suffer a bit.

There’s the festive food, the lunches and the staff parties. There is often an increase in alcohol consumption and a little loosening of the tie or the belt when it comes to steering clear of foods and substances that are no good for you.

So what can you do?

Here are a few suggestions from this tried and true naturopath that can help you beat off the Christmas kilos and keep you feeling and looking your best.

Naturopathic Plan for Christmas

  • Make sure you visit your naturopath before the vacation period. Enquire about any health strategies you can adopt to help you. (e.g. Traditional Chinese Medicine, kinesiology, homeopathy, ayurveda)
  • Monitor your alcohol consumption
  • If you go to parties, be home at a reasonable hour
  • Don’t eat two cakes…just eat one. Better still…eat half
  • Watch the sugar intake
  • Limit rich food intake. Graze on salads, vegetables, juices and leaner foods that are on offer at functions and parties
  • When preparing Christmas food, prepare the healthy version
  • Use Bach Flower remedies to help with stress and increase relaxation
  • Use herbal remedies to help with digestion
  • Encourage family and friends with their own naturopathic health programme. Give natural health gifts as an alternative to chocolates and junk food and sugar
  • Give gift vouchers or gift certificates as presents
  • After Christmas consider using a good detoxification product to clear out the festive season toxins that may have built up in your body
  • Maintain your probiotic levels, so use acidophilus over the holidays
  • If you smoke, consider a New Year’s non-smoking resolution. It is the perfect time to give up

You can be health conscious and also enjoy the Christmas period. Adhering to a healthy lifestyle does not mean you have to forego and avoid all life’s’ little pleasures. Just remember to enjoy yourself and encourage yourself and your family to select the healthier alternatives.

Recovery from the Christmas season will be that much easier.