Chemicals and Smoking

We’ve visited the topic of smoking and quitting a few times on A Natural Self’s blog. And we’ve done so because we know and believe smoking kills and is one of the most destructive and undermining habits you can partake in. It is so detrimental to your health and body and erodes your sense of physical well being and vitality.

Fortunately there are many anti-smoking approaches that are offered in the community and by natural health practitioners today. A good naturopath can help you to organise a quit smoking programme and may also help you to find the strength and determination to give up and most importantly, stay stopped. A cluey practitioner may be able to help you address some of the underlying health concerns that are a consequence of your smoking, as well as help you to manage the quitting process with the aid of anti-smoking kits and other natural remedies options.

While your naturopath cannot “cure” you of the addiction to cigarettes, (as only YOU can do that,) he or she may be able to support you appropriately with ongoing naturopathy sessions and advice, as well as supply you with referrals to other support agencies and nutritionists and health workers.[1]

Carried Chemicals

Cigarette smoke and the chemicals within are not only destructive internally. The chemicals – and there are approximately 500 – linger in and on the body and are destructive and toxic to human health.[2]

Your hands that hold the cigarette are also immersed and saturated in concentrations of these chemicals. And when you handle something else after smoking a cigarette, you spread these chemical concentrations around you.

Have you ever seen a mother with a baby smoking? The baby is exposed to the smoke through the process of passive smoking. But even if a mum goes away from the baby and smokes out of distance, she comes back and her saturated skin and hair and clothing become a threat to the health and safety of her child. The chemicals in the cigarette are carried in and on the skin, in the hair and on the smoker’s clothing. The danger is there and the threat to other’s health is also there.

Have you ever noticed a smoker with skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema or red or itching skin? Again, this is because the chemicals in the cigarette are playing havoc with one of our most precious organs – an organ that helps us to filter, regulate and maintain the temperature and health of our bodies.

Your body deserves good treatment. If you want to stop smoking, enquire about this at A Natural Self or ask your local health care practitioner.