Change and Transition in Health and in Life

Change is not a bad thing.

In fact it is a necessary part of life. But we humans can find it quite difficult and often revert to stasis and rigidity as a way to cope with the complexities of the world.

How many of you have experienced addiction, whether mild or severe? I am not referring specifically to drug or alcohol addiction – although these may be the most severe expressions of a dependence on unchanging states and sameness.

Each of us can experience addiction – whether it be to another person, a place, a pattern in our lives or a type of food.

I see patients on a regular basis who are unable to break patterns of addiction in relation to diet and food and lack of holistic care for themselves. Some patients will be more entrenched in these patterns and others will be able to adjust to naturopathy or homeopathy suggestions more easily. In extreme cases it may be necessary to refer patients to a dietician who can help the patient with a very structured and disciplined dietary change that seeks to enforce necessary change.

A good naturopath will explore the holistic approach. There are usually deep seated emotional and psychological reasons why someone is unable to deal with change. It may be due to deep seated trauma or even just a mild case of physiological anxiety.[1] But whatever the case, these issues may need to be explored and addressed in tandem with a treatment of the physical ailments and the illnesses that a patient presents with.

Natural remedies may be a part of the approach also. Use of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Ayurvedic herbs and even kinesiology may be incorporated into the treatment programme to encourage more dynamism and change in the diet, in lifestyle, in emotional health and in daily routines.

Natural Health

If you are clinging to a certain food or a food group, you may also benefit from some kind of allergy testing. Allergies or food intolerances can often lead to a clinging or reliance on one type of food and this may also then affect diet and the ability to gain full nutrient range from a balanced intake of a variety of food groups.

So if you struggle with change, begin to challenge yourself here and there. Introduce some new or novel or small changes to being with, gradually working up towards more necessary and vital changes. While change can be scary, it is also the spice of life. Let it in. You will be amazed at how you enrich yourself and release yourself from the restricting patterns that can bind us in and prevent us from living a full and exciting life.