Caring for Kids with Naturopathy

What is the single most important thing you have ever done?

If you are anything like me, and if you are a parent, you will no doubt say that it is having and bringing up a child.

This whole process is an amazing experience. Challenging, wonderful, difficult, rewarding, beautiful, hard and loving.

I like to think of it as an honour and a kind of loan – as if the universe has invested me with the responsibility and care for another being throughout their early years and into adulthood.

And that means that I follow my principles and ethics and treat my child with the kind of attention and care that I believe to be the best the world has to offer.

As a naturopath and owner of A Natural Self clinic here in Fremantle Australia, I am frequently asked about the safety of natural health products for infants and children.

Personal View

My personal view as a clinician and practitioner, who is also a parent, is that natural therapies, when implemented by a qualified individual who is responsible, well educated and who understands the complexities of any medical approach can be fine for infants and children.

But you must be careful about the kind of practitioner you seek out and you must be fully informed about the approach you wish to take for your child.

A Personal Story

My own child was diagnosed with a neuro-chemical imbalance which can cause children to ‘tic.”  I have successfully treated this condition with a natural remedies approach. To date this is the only approach I have used with him and I am happy to say his condition is being maintained and he has no symptoms with his condition.

Allopathic Approach and Naturopathic Approach

Some parents and families choose to follow an allopathic approach (western medical) when treating their families and children. Others prefer and naturopathic approach and still others choose to mix and match the two, taking what they perceive to be the best from the two and then leaving the rest.

My advice is always the same to parents. Know your child, know the whole child and thoroughly research the kind of approach you want to introduce into your child’s life.

If you choose to go with natural health and naturopathy, here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Pay careful attention to the credentials and qualifications of anyone treating your child
  • Set up a face to face appointment to meet with any prospective practitioner before you take your child for a session.
  • Prepare some written questions to ask the practitioner
  • Ask the naturopath if they are familiar with particular illnesses, weaknesses or hereditary issues that may be present in your family
  • Ask the naturopath about preventative strategies and their views about good health
  • Find out if the naturopath regularly treats children
  • Ask about modalities and forms of treatment that are offered. (E.g Bach Flower remedies, homeopathy, kinesiology, Chinese medicine, Homeopathy etc.)

Above all, use your personal judgement and do not rely on hearsay or amateur advice. Your child is worth the very best and can thrive with natural.

The views expressed in this article are the personal views of naturopath Dana Kington and are not to be taken as fact .For more information always consult specialists in allopathic and natural medicine.