Cardiovascular disease and diabetes. What natural supplements can be taken and what natural health advice is needed for this condition.

  • Statin medications are the world’s highest selling class of pharmaceutical drug, with sales reaching more than $US12 billion dollars in 2008.1
  • People with type 2 diabetes have a two- to three-fold increased risk of developing dyslipidemia and/or atherosclerosis.2
  • It is estimated that the world-wide prevalence of type 2 diabetes will more than double by 2030, with rates reaching 366 million people. This could have massive implications for the cardiovascular disease burden both in Australia and around the world.2

With these types of stats looming in our future, perhaps it is time to give a naturopath a chance at explanation the natural medicine facts about these two conditions?Both these conditions are caused by inflammatory disorders. The body’s acidity increases, causing the immune system to become very agitated. This is the very cause or beginning of these two conditions. A Naturopath will always look at treating the cause. This is donewith all types of natural health, but Chinese Medicine is rather good at calming and treating without major side effects first. Then, other natural products can be used after or complimentary to. Detoxification is always a must somewhere along this road. Firstly, tests are done to high light the complete picture of health, differentiating between symptom and causes of the condition. A Naturopathy Clinic such as at A Natural Self will test using Live blood Analysis. Iridology is always done in the first consult. Heavy metal Testing can be done and Toxicity Testing too. Check out the web site with its natural product gift boxes that contain retail gift kits inside.


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