Cardiovascular and Inflammation

Recent studies such as the JUPITER trial, which showed a beneficial effect on cardiovascular risk from the management of inflammation, not lipids, have shown just how critical non-lipid factors are to cardiovascular health. Many of our patients are at risk for cardiovascular disease and this risk is not being assessed by the standard screening panels that are commonly used.

A Natural Self, A Naturopathy Clinic has developed a range of assessment and treatment protocols to ensure that the Practitioner get the best results possible when managing patients with hypertension, atherosclerosis or angina. Exciting new products will also be available to Practitioners to get faster and more significant symptomatic improvement of these conditions, while the patient is addressing the underlying factors that drive these diseases.

The chief treatment is to address the underlying causative inflammatory processes that underlie cardiovascular issues. This is caused by many factors, including acidity, stress, toxicity, weight gain, gall bladder and liver dysfunction and hormonal imbalance

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