Benefits and tools for weight loss management

As a Healthcare Practitioner at A Natural Self, Naturopathy clinic, we ensure that you have a professional, easy to use, approach to weight loss that you will follow and in which you can be confident of results. Study after study shows that the quality of the relationship with the Practitioner and the frequency of contact are key determinants in the success of your weight loss endeavors. A Natural Self will provide you with tools to differentiate your program from the ineffective, one size fits all approach.

What and Why You Will Benefit From Visiting A Natural Self

  • Learn the key factors causing dramatic increases in the incidence of  obesity
  • Benefit from the latest science on the link between gut signaling peptides and appetite regulation
  • Discover the powerful dietary strategies that can be employed to provide you with a ‘metabolic advantage’
  • Learn about new, evidence-based, clinically effective Natural Medicines for appetite regulation, thermogenesis, emotional eating and more
  • Refine your regime for exercise and physical activity
  • Learn about the drivers of weight gain, including environment, dietary factors, stress, nutritional insufficiency, intestinal permeability and toxicity
  • Receive newly developed advertising and marketing materials for your weight loss management
  • Receive all this in a friendly learning environment

To learn more about weight loss and to discover more detailed protocols for the treatment of this, please contact our professional Naturopathic Practitioner at:

A Natural Self, A Naturopathy Clinic

Dana Kington


244 South Tce

South Fremantle, 6162


At this natural clinic, you will find all the latest technology, such as Toxicity and Heavy Metal Testing, Live Blood Analysis (Hemaview), and Iridology. We also treat with all forms of Natural Medicine with the nutritional supplementation of Homeopathy, Western Herbs, Chinese medicine, Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids and Enzyme Therapy.