Beating Backache

There are many reasons why your back may be playing up or causing you pain. For some women backache begins with pregnancy. For others it is a result of accident or mild injury. Many individuals complain that backache is correlated in with the modern workplace, where seating all day and working at computers is a given.

You can however do a lot to alleviate back pain. Simple strategies and simple suggestions can help to manage this common problem so that you can regain the mobility and the strength you want.

Of course the most extreme cases of back pain may require spinal fusion. But for most of us, it is really a case of just looking after ourselves with a little more diligence and commitment and consciousness.

Areas of Pain and Natural Remedies that can help

Your back pain may be neurological or muscular or soft tissue related. Serious manifestations such as degenerative disc disease may require a different course of natural remedy and natural products treatment than a condition such as Fibrositis, where inflammation of the connective tissues can cause pain.

There are a number of generalised supplements and naturopathic solutions however, that can help you with your particular type of back pain. You may still need to visit an alternative practitioner and you may still want to pursue modalities such as Ayurveda or TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) or Homeopathics which can stimulate healing.


The following supplements should be taken for back problems:

  • Calcium – for bone conditioning and strength. Ask your natural remedy supplier about a quality calcium supplement that is readily absorbable. You will need to take the chelated and the ascorbate and the carbonated forms for the most successful results
  • Vitamin C – this wonderful vitamin operates as a magnificent antioxidant that dispels with free radicals in your body and helps to oxygenate and revitalise tired muscles, ligaments and nerves
  • Copper – helps your body to formulate elastin which keeps your neurological system firing properly
  • Magnesium
  • Silica – this actually optimises the absorption of calcium
  • Boron – a small daily supplement of boron will help with calcium absorption
  • DLPA (DL – Phenylalanine) – an amino acid/building block that helps to reduce pain in the body

Magnetic Therapy for your Natural Health

You may also want to use a reputable pain and inflammation kit that utilises magnetic therapy. This form of therapy successfully utilises adhesive patch segments that can be applied to the areas of the back where pain is most severe.

According to The Sports Journal, “the idea that magnetic therapy could be used to enhance the lives of human beings originated in the 16th Century.”[1] And while more formal research is often cited as necessary, there is no doubt that clients and patients with back problems and back pain espouse its value and its efficacy.

You can source magnetic therapy treatments via A Natural Self’s online shopping cart. Or you can ask your local naturopath about how it can help you.