Autumn and the Common Cold

Here in Australia we are about to head into the autumnal season. The weather is starting to cool and the long, hot and hazy days of summer are over. The mornings are a little chillier and the threat of bushfire has subsided. The Antarctic winds and southerlies start to fly up the east and west coasts of the continent, bringing blustery weather and icy air.  While it is mild when compared to the European winter, the Australian autumn and winter has its own profile. Yes it is mild, but one of the great ironies of this situation is that the mildness means that many Australian homes are under-heated and so homes in winter in Australia can in fact be colder internally than homes in the United Kingdom or Europe.

So where does this leave the average Aussie in terms of health?

The common cold and flu sweeps through the population in much the same way as it does in other areas of the world, and disrupts commitments, work, school and family life.


Many treatments and approaches are available throughout autumn and winter to help you ward off or even prevent a bout of the flu. Both natural therapies/natural products as well as allopathic strategies are available.

For many who prefer the allopathic approach, there is always the option of the flu shot – which is offered through your general practitioner. But if you prefer to move along with a more natural remedy approach, you may want to consider the following:

  • Take a daily dose of a reputable slow release Vitamin C
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Take a daily vitamin and mineral supplement (ask your naturopath or practitioner for advice on this)
  • If cold or flu sets in, use reputable natural products that are advised by your health specialist.

A Natural Self Clinic offers a number of highly effective and reputable cold and flu products that may help to alleviate symptoms and offer relief and recuperation. Many of these products are available online and are sourced from herbal remedies and tinctures that are believed to strengthen and revitalise your system.

Some of these products may contain Echinacea Purpurea which is thought to be a natural antibiotic.[1] In recent years it has gained momentum and widespread use and is included in many cough and cold medicines sold throughout Australia.

So if you are about to face the autumn and winter months make sure you are prepared. Visit A Natural Self’s online supermarket and source quality products that may help you withstand the winter cold and flu contagions!