Anxiety and Natural Remedies

Anxiety usually afflicts all of us. These days even children are affected by it. However, anxiety in children is usually a short-term thing and they soon return to their normal self. In adults however, anxiety can cause palpitations, lack of sleep, sweating, etc.

The worst of these symptoms is lack of sleep. Spending night after night, tossing about in bed will degrade your health. Contrary to belief by some people that sleep is a waste of time, sleep is a period when the body repairs itself. In fact, there is no part of the body that really ‘sleeps’.

Even your brain is busy playing you some interactive 3D movie in which you are the actor – we call it dreaming. The rest of your body is busy repairing itself. We will not go into what happens if you do not sleep because we are sure you already know what happens.1

Today, allow us to present you some simple natural remedies for anxiety:

Natural Remedy # 1: Exercise

You need to exercise sufficiently so that come bedtime, you are sufficiently tired. 2

Natural Remedy # 2: Top-up on vitamins

Top up on vitamin D. The best natural source of vitamin D is the sunlight. If you have problems getting sufficient sunlight, other excellent natural sources of vitamin D are fish, eggs and beef liver.3

Top up on B complex vitamins. Natural sources of Vitamin B complex are fish, meats, cereals, pulses, potatoes, bananas, etc.

Top up on magnesium. Natural sources of magnesium are grains, legumes, nuts, green leafy vegetables, figs, shellfish, corn, lemons, almonds, grapefruit, apples, etc.

Natural Remedy # 3: Green Tea

Green tea contains Theanine. Theanine is one of the most potent natural remedy for insomnia and anxiety. 4

Natural Remedy # 4: Yoga

It may have originated in India but its widespread use in the West proves it effectiveness. Yoga consists of several body and mind exercises. However, the beauty of yoga is that, you need not do them all. As a natural remedy for anxiety, you only need to do yoga exercises that help you control your mind. The power of Yoga is such that, you can command your mind and body to relax and to sleep. 5

Natural remedies for anxiety consist of all the first three remedies mentioned above. If they do not help, include yoga as well. Do not depend on just one or two remedies because anxiety can also be brought about by the state of our body. For example, overactive Thyroid gland, low Progesterone and Estrogen (in middle-aged women), low testosterone (in middle-aged men) and Adrenal gland fatigue. 6

Topping up on vitamins and minerals will help elevate some of the problems caused by internal disorders.

Anxiety can also be caused by external factors such as job or career or business related problems. For external causes, the best natural remedy is exercise and yoga.

Exercise will help channel your anger and frustration while yoga will help calm your mind. Another advantage of exercise is that your body releases a hormone called Serotonin and Dopamine. Serotonin and Dopamin are the ‘feel good’ mood enhancers that will help you calm down.

A Natural Self Clinic hopes this information helps.

Bye for now.

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