Another Good Look at Vitamin C

There is no doubt about it. Vitamin C is one of those wonder vitamins – a kind of Jack of all trades of the vitamin world that does a host of jobs to help you and your family stay happy and healthy.

We assume that everyone has Vitamin C, but one of the worst tales I ever heard about it was from Australia in the 1980’s and related to scurvy.

A Tale of Vitamin C Deficiency

A young boy – the son of a nurse – was living on little more than cereal. There was some indication he may have been mildly autistic and as a result he suffered from food texture and flavour problems which limited his dietary intake. Getting any food into him was difficult, and he tended to eat cereal and nothing else, refusing all fresh foods because of their flavour, texture and their messiness.

The little boy was eventually taken to the hospital because he had sores that were not healing properly. He also had reddened and bleeding gums, anaemia and spots on the skin.

These were all the hallmarks of scurvy and if left untreated, the little boy could have died.


Vitamin C is in fact a water soluble nutrient. It is also referred to as ascorbic acid and is found in many fruits and vegetables as well as natural health vitamin supplements. It acts as a brilliant antioxidant and wards of the harmful cell damage that is caused by free radicals in the body. It also facilitates the production of collagen which is essential for healthy skin and the clear healing of wounds. And you also need vitamin C to absorb iron…so if you are anaemic or iron deficient, make sure you include vitamin C rich foods in your diet so you can process and store iron for healthy blood and organ function.[1]

Where Can You Get Vitamin C?

The best place to obtain Vitamin c is from natural food products. Foods that contain good amounts of this wonder nutrient include:

  • Citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, lemons and limes.
  • Kiwi fruit, raspberries and other berries
  • Broccoli, cantaloupe, strawberries, tomatoes

Try to eat some of these foods each day. Vitamin C cannot be stored in the body and you therefore need a ready and fresh supply each day.

Also speak with your naturopath or your nutritionist or dietician about supplements. They may be able to help you make the right choice with regard to the kind of supplement combinations you need.


Lastly, if you are a smoker, try to quit. You may want to see a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner or some other Natural Health specialist to work out a programme for stopping. Smokers need nearly 50 % more Vitamin C than non smokers in order to combat the free radical strain on their systems caused by cigarette smoke.

So do yourself a favour and make sure your daily intake of Vitamin C is at the best level for optimal health.

Have a great day.