An Introduction into Natural Medicine. How to find the best Naturopath and What sort of Herbs and Supplements you might end up taking

Personal recommendation is an invaluable tool when looking for a naturopath. Ask friends, family, colleagues and other natural health practitioners. Find out if the naturopath has experience treating your particular health issue. If so, what was the outcome?

Initial consultations usually cost more than follow-up appoints. Check if you can claim some of the money back through private health insurance. Also consider the cost of any herbs or supplements you may need.natural therapies should be able to work to suit you. A naturopath should be able to work with whatever budget you have, as long as you have one!

It’s important to choose a naturopath that you feel comfortable with and who you feel cares about your health. After all, you’re going to be sharing very personal information and it’s imperative that you feel some affinity with them. If you don’t understand something naturopathic, ask questions until you’re satisfied. If you don’t feel happy after the initial consultation, thenfind another naturopath. Visit and see if it has what you are looking for. Phone our naturopath to ask her things you would like to know that are not on the web site.