An Interview with a naturopath. All the naturopathic questions about natural therapies you wanted to ask but never could

How did you initially become acquainted with naturopathy?

“I got sick and was referred by my mum to a naturopath who gave me something which helped me get better pretty quickly. I was a convert from then. I first became involved with the study of naturopathy in 1998.

What do you think the great attraction of naturopathy is?

“I think people come to us when they are sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Naturopathy offers a solution with no side effects, and something that is beyond the symptomatic relief offered by medical treatments.”

What range of therapies may be drawn on by a naturopath?

“A naturopath may draw on nutrition, dietetics, herbal medicine, homoeopathy as well as tactile therapies like massage, acupressure and Bowen technique.”

What range of conditions can it be used to treat?

“With so many therapies to draw on, it is capable of treating a wide range of conditions including fatigue, digestive complaints, depression, allergies, fertility problems, premenstrual tension and the menopause; amongst many others.”

What would a typical consultation with a naturopath involve?

“A typical assessment would include knowledge of a patient’s lifestyle, health background and a history of the illness or condition. As well as this a variety of analysis techniques, including iris, electrical kinesiology and blood analysis, may be used to provide the practitioner with more information. A range of non-invasive techniques would then be used to treat the ailment. I can test”