Allergy Alert – Caring for your Ears

Your ears are like delicate shells.

Have you ever seen a medical diagram of the ear and its conch like structure and filigree like bones? The ear operates just like a finely tuned musical instrument that has been carved by a master instruments craftsman in a workshop. The time and energy that is taken to create such instruments is wondrous, and yet here we are as human beings, walking around in physical bodies that are just as and if not more amazing than a Stradivarius or a Gibson guitar.

How you treat your body and how you treat your ears is vitally important. Your physical realm is as precious to you as the Stradivarius is to the violin soloist or the Gibson is to the lead guitarist of a successful band.

You see the musician tending and caring for his/ her instrument. And yet surely this is the very same tender care and concern we need to implement and facilitate concerning our own bodies, and particularly our ears.

Caring for your ears

According to The Ear Science Institute Australia, “Hearing loss and ear disease amongst Australians is almost at an epidemic stage. And The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ 2001 National Health Survey revealed nearly 2.5 million people were affected by hearing loss, with tens of thousands of children and adults currently suffering from ear disease.”[1]

It is therefore important you care for your ears diligently and appropriately, and in my view, natural products and an alternative approach that is free from harsh chemicals and pharmaceuticals is a very suitable and safe way to do so.

A Natural Health Approach

One of the most successful natural therapies strategies for your ears is ear candling. This is offered by many a good natural remedies practitioner and is also an excellent gift idea for loved ones who may exhibit repeated ear infections or ear canal problems.

The ear is one of the most delicate and important areas of the body. It is prone to infection and is a channel between the inner and the outer realms of the body and this means it operates as a point to entry for infection and germs.  It is therefore important you clean your ears thoroughly and regularly and use ear plugs or ear protectors if you are exposed to water or to excessive noise pollution or machinery or sounds that can aggravate and/or compromise their functioning.

Also beware of allergies in the ear area. If you are allergy prone, stay away from dairy products and food colourings and other additives that can aggravate itching of the ear canal and skin.

You can also experience outer ear skin conditions such as fungal issues and/or psoriasis of the ear canal, so it is also important you dry your ears thoroughly and do not allow them to remain damp and wet for long periods of time.

Make sure you also use a good ear care kit. These are often available from reputable naturopathy clinics and health food stores.

To summarize, caring for your ears does not have to be difficult. Use natural products and consult with your naturopathic practitioner for more information.