Ageing Gracefully

It is possible.

I’m both a woman and a naturopath and I know the pressures placed upon women in the western world to stay youthful and healthy. The pressure is constantly there to thwart the ageing process and look good. If you are a professional or in the workforce, the pressures in this respect is even more pronounced.

So let’s have a think about it. What exactly is beauty and how does it fully manifest?

The Smile – Number 1 Natural Remedy!

“A smile is a facial expression formed by flexing the muscles near both ends of the mouth.”[1]

Did you know it takes less muscular strain and energy to produce a smile than it does to produce a frown?  If this is the case, why then are people downcast and sullen, worried and fraught with the lines and marks of worry and stress?

According to Buddhist teacher and practitioner The Venerable Robina Courtin, “we think happiness is what we get when attachment gets what it wants. Buddha says happiness is what we get when we give up attachment.”[2] One of the profound messages Robina teaches is that our own internal negativity and attachment to negative emotions blocks us from happiness and joy. If we address this in ourselves, by reflecting on our minds, we can actually make ourselves happier.

Happiness of course equates with the smile and smiling. And smiling leads to true beauty.

Natural Health and Beauty

Have you ever gone into a nursing home or an environment where there are many old people? You see many people who seem tired and old and exhausted, but over in the corner you spy someone. It might be an old woman or an old man…but there is something different about them.

What is it?

It’s their face. There is a twinkle in their eyes and liveliness in their expressions. And there is a wondrous smile.

They emanate a beauty and serenity that cannot be bought by way of cosmetic surgery or the latest skin conditions treatment. They are truly happy and the internal beauty that radiates from them is beyond all the natural products treatments in the world.

They are beautiful.

They are happy.

I am not saying “don’t use natural products!” What I am saying as a naturopath and as a woman who works hard to be positive about life, is that happiness and beauty are internal states that fit in with a holistic approach to health care. My naturopathic approach is all for healthy eating and the utilisation of appropriate and properly prescribes natural health solutions. I am a supporter of acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, the use of herbs and even Ayurvedic treatments.

And I am also firmly believe we can change our mental states so we become more positive and happy about life and our own responsibilities as individuals who can emanate beauty and positivity.

So, enjoy life. Live.

Live happily and remember that beauty is more than skin deep. It lies at the heart of everything you think and do.