Adding Years to Life, and Life to Years!

An explanation of the Wellness Program for optimal health through menopause.

The ‘change of life’ often causes women to reassess many areas of their lives, and is an ideal time to review lifestyle choices and to set things in motion so a woman can age gracefully with vital health. Consider supporting healthy ageing with a prescription of ‘Wellness’. This clinical program at A Natural Self Naturopathic Clinic promotes healthy body weight, better stress management techniques, a healthy ‘Wellness’ diet and regular exercise – all essential strategies to supporting women in their forties and onwards to get the most of their lives with great health and vitality.

For more detailed help with individual cases, learn more about the Wellness Program and to discover detailed protocols for related conditions, please contact our professional Naturopathic Practitioner at:

A Natural Self,
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Dana Kington
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South Fremantle, 6162

At this natural clinic, you will find all the latest technology, such as Toxicity and Heavy Metal Testing, Live Blood Analysis (Hemaview), and Iridology. We also treat with all forms of Natural Medicine with the nutritional supplementation of Homeopathy, Western Herbs, Chinese Medicine, Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids and Enzyme Therapy.