Dana Kington Adv.Dip.Nat, Dip.Rem.Th.

Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy

Below is a list of most recent studies. Prior to this, Dana (Naturopath) was studying Psychology, Sociology and French at Lancaster University in the U.K. However, she never completed her studies, doing only one year out of a three year degree, due to natural therapies coming into her life.

Education Profile

  • Advanced Naturopathic Diploma (4 year full time course in all forms of natural medicine) at The Perth Academy of Natural Therapies (P.A.N.T).
  • Diploma in Remedial Therapies (1 year full time course in all forms of massage) at The Perth Academy of Natural Therapies (P.A.N.T).
  • Flower Essence Modules 1, 2 & 3 (P.A.N.T).
  • Kinesiology Modules 1, 2 & 3 (P.A.N.T).
  • Ayurvedic Medicine Module 1 (P.A.N.T).
  • Mother – 1 child – ‘Indi’ was reared using only natural medicine. He has been homeopathically vaccinated & has never taken antibiotics or any other allopathic medication to speak of. He has a maintenance of natural medicine for his ‘neuro-chemical’ stress disorder, which can cause children to ‘tic’.

A child very often has an inability to control such a neuro-chemical imbalance like this, giving rise to the manifestation of the Tourettes condition later in life. Indi is 11 years of age when typing this extract and due to natural medicine, he’s never had any signs or symptoms since the introduction of specifc natural medicine for this condition, nor does he have any ill health to speak of to this day. He is fine, cheeky and healthy!


Born in the UK to an English father and Australian mother Dana (Naturopath) eventually settled here in 1994

The interest in natural medicine started when Dana became very sick at the age of 19, after contracting a rare and up till such time, unknown form of Amoebic Dysentery. She fell ill with Giardia at the same time. It was through this ill health and inability to get better with western medicine, that she discovered naturopathy, and it’s effectiveness in resolving her various and ongoing ailments.

”What natural therapies provided me was unlike any other specialist I could find”

Since then she has attended numerous workshops and courses on the various modalities and regularly attend manufacturer lectures on the latest science and treatments available.