A Study to find the percentage of Natural Therapy usage and the reason why people use Natural Medicine.

Around 40% of those who were included in the study used natural therapies in an attempt to take proactive measures in their treatment. Of these, 39% used homeopathy, 31% used vitamin supplements and 29% used various psychological methods. The author of the study, Oliver Heese, MD, a neurosurgeon at Germany’s Hamburg-Eppendorf University Medical Centre felt that the “use of these alternative natural therapy treatments may be largely overlooked and underestimated” and encouraged doctors to be more aware of patients’ desire to try alternative therapies. He suggested that by encouraging open minded dialogue, they could be of assistance to their patients in a variety of ways and could help them avoid those therapies that could be dangerous or expensive and without value.

Interestingly, those who turned to alternative therapies and treatments were most likely to be younger patients, women and more educated people. Older patients, less educated people and men were less likely to try them. This contradicts the stereotype of those who turn to natural therapies as being naive and uneducated. The study, which was conducted by the German Glioma Network with support from German Cancer Aid, may open the door to an increase in awareness of the possible value of natural therapies to conventional medicine

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