A Study to find the percentage of Natural Therapy usage and the reason why people use Natural Medicine.

Naturopaths take a holistic approach to healthcare that includes natural therapies such as nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy and diet. They can test with the use of certain electrical devices, such as Electro dermal screening, kinesiology, heavy metal testing tests for toxins, blood analysis, looking at the tongue and nails, analyzing the urine and iridology. They work closely with their clients to manage illness or disease and maintain health and wellbeing.

To ensure the naturopath you choose has appropriate educational and clinical experience check that they are members of a professional association such as the Australian Natural Therapies Association (ANTA), Australian Traditional-Medicine Society (ATMS) or Australian Naturopathic Practitioners’ Association. Membership ensures all natural therapists; including naturopath meets a minimum standard of qualification, is involved in continuing education and may be covered by private health insurance.

Search the Natural Therapy pages directory to find a naturopath or places that sells natural medicine in your area.  To find one that’s appropriate think about proximity to work or home. Will it be easy to get to appointments? Does the naturopath work after hours or at weekends?