A Naturopath’s use of elimination diets and the use of Natural Medicine in Dermatitis

Natural health products for skin are designed to detoxify the body. The skin is the biggest eliminative organ, and will express toxins through the skin. Naturopaths aim, using natural remedies, is to clear the body of toxins in order to resolve the skin problem.

  • Naturopathic medicine comes from many different areas and incudes Chinese medicine, nutrition, herbal medicine and diet changes.
  • Naturopaths love to hate those foods which are allergenic for the body, such as wheat, dairy, sugar and yeast. They are mucous forming and very acidic for the body. They will more than likely take them out when prescribing a low reactive diet. If you don’t know which specific food trigger you it’s best to consult with your naturopath. You should always see a professional before eliminating any foods or adding supplements to your diet.
  • All this can be found under the umbrella of natural medicine and seeing a naturopath covers all these modalities. Tests can be done, to test allergen sensitivity for skin conditions. Natural remedies, regardless of which modality used, are the key for skin conditions.

Don’t just continue to patch up the end result and treat your symptoms with this thing or that. The skin will never ever heal unless a concerted effort is made to tackle the underlying cause. Giving symptomatic relief is like trying to stroke and angry tiger. You may get somewhere for a little while but soon enough a flare up will occur and you will find that what once worked now does nothing to settle it down. So please, please, use a natural therapy professional to guide you with what these causes are, so you will step by step, resolve your underlying imbalances.