A Good Nutritionist Knows…

Today you can receive some simple suggestions on how to source a great nutritionist. Diet is the key to great health. So what do you need to look for when you are starting out on a plan to realign your eating patterns with your body’s needs?

The Smorgasbord

Working in the field of naturopathy over the past few years and natural remedies, I have had the chance to meet with many other health care workers and professionals. The choice and range of views, opinion and ideas is endless. Some follow a purist and more extreme approach, while still others work in more comfortably with allopathic (western health) models.

In fact, the choice is a bit like a huge smorgasbord or buffet table. At one end you might have the healthy fruit and vegetables, pulses, great breads and carbohydrates – the really clean and pure food that makes you feel alive and enervated and healthy. Then, you might have another section with a great selection of hot and cold meats and fish and seafood – beautifully selected, stacked and sumptuously arranged. At the end of the table are the desserts – exotic, scrumptious and yummy – and all there for the taking!

So – the natural health realm is a bit like the buffet or smorgasbord!

So many choices and so many options to choose from.

And the key is getting that mysterious and much needed balance just right!

The Balancing Act and the Nutritionist

A good nutritionist – and any kind of good health practitioner – will know that the one thing their client’s always need to achieve optimal health in all realms is a really good balance.

A really good nutritionist will:

  • Give you advice about healthy food selections
  • Help you develop a healthy diet
  • Help you use diet to prevent illness and disease

According to the Public Health Faculty at Curtin University, “nutrition is the science of how the human body obtains and uses nutrients from food for maintenance, growth, renewal of body tissues necessary for life.”[1]

And so a nutritionist will focus on helping you to eat nourishing foods that can make a huge difference to your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. And yes, it can all be done through paying better attention to what you put into your system and when!

I also like to advise people to seek out the following qualities when looking for a good nutritionist:

  • Ask about their qualifications
  • Ask them about the approach they use
  • How do they look and present? Do they simply talk the talk, or walk the walk as well?
  • Makes sure you can communicate clearly with them
  • Are they sensitive to your needs and issues?
  • Ask them how they approach weight issues, if you have them
  • Ask them about food intolerance and allergies

A good nutritionist will know your concerns and will also understand. It’s always worth hunting around for the practitioner that is the one for you, and while this may take a bit of time…in the long run it is well and truly worth it.

Hope this helps on the health journey.

Have a great day.

[1] http://publichealth.curtin.edu.au/students/careers_nutritionist.cfm