5 Point Plan to Improved Self-Esteem

What is healthy self-esteem and how can you achieve it? Is it simply a case of saying a few affirmations or is there more to it than this? Most people in life have suffered esteem blows or have been impacted by issues and difficulties in their lives that take their toll emotionally and psychologically.

But there are solutions. And you can manage your self-esteem issues by following this easy 5 Point Plan from A Natural Self Naturopathy Clinic in Western Australia.


The Western Australia government has released a great resource for low self-esteem. It is a very thorough education and information package that can help you to really address your low self-esteem issues and make some changes to your life.[1]

As a naturopath, I suggest you follow some of the advice and the modules presented in this excellent kit. But I also suggest you augment this approach with a reappraisal of your diet, your natural health, your exercise regime, and get back on track the natural way.


Do you ever feel weak or silly, inferior to others or just plain ugly and worthless? Do you ever feel as if you are less than others, not good enough and unable to foster a positive image of yourself and your life? If so, then you likely suffer from low self-esteem.

The negative scripting you deliver to yourself about not being good enough or worth enough only goes to contribute to the problem. These can be longstanding, deep-seated and they need addressing.

Active Change Active Solutions

The best tactic to implement includes active change.

You can do this by:

  • Write a list of what you eat and when. Take this to your naturopath and start to substitute the unhealthy foods for healthy ones
  • Write an outline of your daily habits. Do you watch tv too much? Do you have an active social life? Make a commitment to switch off the tv and ring a supportive friend.
  • Exercise. Introduce exercise into your life and live more fully. Exercise is a vital component in the battle against low self-esteem. It gets your energy CHI flow moving and it also helps with the production of feel good hormones such as endorphins. These are the chemicals that help you feel more positive and happy about your life and who and what you are.
  • Stress management. Make sure you incorporate some stress management techniques into your daily life. Start a relaxation tape daily. The mornings are best as this helps lessen negative thought patterns.
  • Meditation. One of the very best techniques for addressing low self-esteem is meditation. Dr. Dan Siegel, author of the brilliant book Mindsight explains how meditation helps you to develop a witness self or witness consciousness.[2] This is the part of your mind that watches over the rest of YOU. If you develop this part of your mind through daily meditation, you begin to become less detached from your negative thoughts and your feelings.  Dr. Siegel is a specialist in interpersonal neurobiology. Read about the scientific facts that underpin meditation.

These are just a few pointers to help you on your self-esteem journey. Practical tips you can implement for free.

[1] http://www.cci.health.wa.gov.au/resources/infopax/cfm?Info_ID=47

[2] http://drdansiegel.com/